Caroline Steiner

Former intern, January to February 2015

Caroline did her internship after completing her studies. She holds a MA in Diplomatic Studies from the University of Malta and a BSc in Business, Language and Culture from Copenhagen Business School. After her internship with Momentum, Caroline has held various positions, such as: Trainee at the European Commission, intern at UNRWA in Beirut, Junior Professional at the EU Delegation to Armenia and being a Communications Manager at two NGOs and a start-up. Caroline interned with Momentum because she wanted to put her theoretical knowledge into practice and to be exposed to a new culture.

The best thing about being a Momentum Trust intern was the opportunity to experience rural Kenya and to live in a completely different environment than I was used to. To be thrown completely out of my comfort zone and being exposed to a different kind of living. In addition, it was very encouraging how much decision-making power I had as an intern and how well the local colleagues accepted me as their equal co-worker.